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A cold call regarding my Life Insurance

Ever had calls regarding your life insurance review, well I get about 10 calls about my life insurance each week with people telling me they can save me money. Although in today’s day & age majority of us want to save money, it’s obviously annoying to be getting such calls especially from different parts of the world pestering you to get your policy reviewed. Having said that, I’d like to share my recent experience with one such random cold caller which left me smiling, happy & thankful about the whole thing after all.

I had someone called Alex (I could tell it wasn’t his real name) phoned me about 10 days ago to say he was calling about my life insurance policy & I thought it was to do with my existing policy but when I realised it wasn’t & I was being cold called to be sold an insurance I got annoyed & decided to confront him. To my surprise the bloke was honest enough to tell me that they were working as brokers & their intention is only to save me money & to see if I still had a policy that was relevant to my current circumstances.

He had an Asian accent (perhaps Indian), his grammar was all over the place, his pronunciation was screwed, but there was this underlying smile in his tone which I could feel and there was also this optimism that perhaps persuaded me into going on with the call.

I decided to hear him out & went ahead with the call to answer his questions for a change. We laughed about my little kids & how they just can’t get along & it took him about 5 – 7 minutes to establish that my policy which was about 8 years old wasn’t really relevant to my current needs. I’d gone through a divorce in these 8 years, started living in with a new partner with whom I have a little kid now & I no longer have the mortgage for which the policy was originally taken out. He told me honestly that he wouldn’t be able to save me money on the existing policy I had however the policy I had didn’t match my current needs & when he told me that & asked me if I wanted him to come up with a solution i.e. a policy which would take care of everything, I acquiesced. He passed my call on to an adviser, introduced us to each other & walked out of the conversation politely after saying a bye to us.

The adviser was given all the info already so I didn’t have to repeat all of what we discussed already & he worked out something which is within my budget still & takes care of everything. I am now at peace knowing I have a policy which would ensure financial security for my family should something happen to me even after 20 years now.

I realised, my policy was running out soon & was decreasing too instead of being level & how important was it for me to change it. Perhaps I knew this all along but was too lazy to do anything about it but that one call from this stranger helped me sort things out as far as my life insurance is concerned. I thought about it later that I didn’t even get a chance to thank him. But since that time I think I’ve become a bit polite with cold callers & I know not all of them are bad.

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