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Can I Simply Buy a Cheap Funeral Plan Directly Through My Local Funera

Often people are too touchy on the subject of funerals. One of the reasons why they don’t consider go through different options while taking out a funeral plan is because they’re not comfortable discussing it with anyone except the person they’ve known for a long time for they are local to them


Local Funeral Directors

So you think you’re prepared to deal with the funeral expenses of your loved ones because you know a local funeral director. Think Again!  An emotional loss caused due to the passing of a loved one is not an easy one to deal with and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re never prepared

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If I buy a life insurance through a broker, what happens when a claim

Well, the answer to this question is very simple and straight forward. When a claim is made, your family would need to get in touch with the provider directly & they’d still get the lump sum they’re due to get regardless of how they’ve taken out their life cover b

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What is an ideal term on a term assurance policy?

The term of a life insurance policy is of utmost importance & if not chosen wisely can leave you regretting your decision later in life. Although it’s very subjective, I’d st

Joint life insurance policies

Is it better to take out a joint cover instead of 2 separate policies?

Joint life insurance policies are cheaper as compared to 2 single policies but only slightly cheaper. They would pay out upon death of either of the partners & would then end. 2 single policies on

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Which company offers the best critical illness cover?

Today, all the major insurance providers in the UK offer critical illness cover but how would you find out which one is the best for you? Well the answer is not tha