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What is an ideal term on a term assurance policy?

The term of a life insurance policy is of utmost importance & if not chosen wisely can leave you regretting your decision later in life. Although it’s very subjective, I’d st

Joint life insurance policies

Is it better to take out a joint cover instead of 2 separate policies?

Joint life insurance policies are cheaper as compared to 2 single policies but only slightly cheaper. They would pay out upon death of either of the partners & would then end. 2 single policies on

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Which company offers the best critical illness cover?

Today, all the major insurance providers in the UK offer critical illness cover but how would you find out which one is the best for you? Well the answer is not tha


Do I really need a life insurance if I am single & have no liabil

A life insurance is predominantly for your family & loved ones & not for yourself, so the question is do we really need a life cover if we don’t have any dependants to leave any money behind for?


How do you know your life insurance cover is definitely the best value

Imagine you’ve fallen sick & after giving yourself some rest for perhaps a day or two and popping in a few OTC pills, thinking you’re going to recover on your own, what is it that you do when you fail to convalesce? Well isn’t the answer obvious, you see a doctor


A cold call regarding my Life Insurance

Ever had calls regarding your life insurance review, well I get about 10 calls about my life insurance each week with people telling me they can save me money. Although in today’s day & age majority of us want to save money, it’s obviously annoying to be getting such calls especially from different parts of the