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A cold call regarding my Life Insurance

Ever had calls regarding your life insurance review, well I get about 10 calls about my life insurance each week with people telling me they can save me money. Although in today’s day & age majority of us want to save money, it’s obviously annoying to be getting such calls especially from different parts of the


Can you really change your life insurance policy within a year if you

Well, the answer to this question is not really a straight forward “yes” or “no”. Let me try and explain. These days many insurance brokers push customers into signing at least a 2 years contract to prevent them for changing or c


Should Life Insurance be made mandatory?

What if life insurance was mandatory just like your car insurance? Sounds like another expense added to your current list of expenses, doesn’t it? Well everybody has a different way of looking at things; your viewpoint towards something could be entirely different to mine, so I’d try to talk about facts & not m


Can a mortgage cover be taken out independently?

I’ve come across a lot of people lately telling me they’ve taken out a mortgage cover through their mortgage broker as its less hassle & obviously a better price as they’ve also done their mortgage. So what stimulated me really to write about this is the fact that there’s still so much ambiguity around life


Why is a critical illness cover more expensive than a simple life cove

A life insurance or (should we rather call it) a death cover (as it only pays out on death unless you get diagnosed with something terminal) is designed to pay out a lump-sum (or a monthly income, depending upon your preference) to your family should you die during t


Decoding the myths around Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an important subject, I feel, in today’s day and age, bearing in mind the crazy lifestyle most of us are used to living these days. Things like cancers & depression are on an all-time high with every 2 in 3 people being diagnosed with cancer once in their lifetime (as per a recent statistic repo