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So you think you’re prepared to deal with the funeral expenses of your loved ones because you know a local funeral director. Think Again! 

An emotional loss caused due to the passing of a loved one is not an easy one to deal with and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re never prepared for it until it actually happens one day. So at the time when you’re trying to cope with the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is to run from pillar to post trying to arrange for the funerals.

But let’s say you’re one of those very few people who are generally well prepared for just about everything under the sun. How can you be sure your arrangements are going to fit the bill perfectly when the time comes?

Planning ahead of time is never a bad idea especially when it comes to setting up a funeral plan and by doing so you’ll not only avoid unnecessary hassles at the last moment but would also end up saving money.

But again, the question is what makes you think you’re arrangements are better that those being offered in the market. And a bigger question still is, how do you decided what the best option for you is bearing in mind the million options out there that the market is replete is?

Let’s first understand why a funeral plan is better than other financial arrangements.

Key Benefits of a funeral plan:

  1. Guaranteed acceptance
  2. No health check ups
  3. Much more cost effective in comparison to any other financial arrangements
  4. Simple & straight forward process
  5. Everything arranged by one single Co. so just one call to be made at the time of passing of a loved one
  6. 24 hours collection of the deceased
  7. Pay according to today’s price: protect yourself against the ever rising costs of funerals by taking one out today at a guaranteed fixed price.
  8. Guarantees to cover the entire funeral cost regardless of what that is.

I am sure having gone through this you can tell a funeral plan is by far the best option out there when it comes to covering your funeral expenses.

Now the question is, why should or shouldn’t you go with your own funeral director.

Alright, so here’s the answer to that.

Generally local directors tends to charge you nearly double the amount it actually costs for a pre-paid funeral plan that you could get from companies such as Golden Charter or safe hands. The simple reason they can do that & get away is because they have your trust. Yes, it’s because you trust them that they charge you more. As ironical as it may sound, but that’s a harsh fact. Time again it’s been reported that a certain funeral director charged an £X amount for something that was available in the market for less than half that price.

Even in this time of increased competition driving down price, there remain many firms of funeral directors whose profit margins are, in the NFFD’s opinion, wildly disproportionate to their costs.

NFFD is the “National Federation of Funeral Directors” one of the funeral industry’s many self-regulated trade bodies, but the only one dedicated to increasing consumer choice, transparency, and pricing fairness.

What you need to understand is that companies like Golden Charter or Safe Hands for example, are being endorsed by bodies such NFFD & your money is safe with them even if the companies goes under tomorrow as its secured in a ring-fenced trust fund which is independent of the Co. and being operated and managed entirely independently.

And here comes the most important feature about the funeral plan that we offer:

We actually give you the opportunity to choose your own local director if you have one in mind and that comes under Special requests: The prepaid funeral plan we offer, allows you to make all your arrangements in advance, right from choosing the songs, hymns, etc. (you’d like played) to the local funeral director you’d like to go with.

Call us today for a free advice on the various options available to you so you could make an informed decision, choosing from a range of products.

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