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Prepaid Funeral Plans

With the ever rising funeral costs, going for a funeral plan that guarantees to cover the entire funeral cost is the best way to buy peace of mind. It is not an insurance plan but a product for which you pay so that no one from your family has to worry about paying for your funeral expenses.

In the end, someone would need to pay for it or make arrangements for it. Pre planning is by far the best thing you could do for yourself, saving your family time, money and efforts & not to forget any last minute stress.

We offer a range of plans starting at just £1850 and because we work alongside all top, reputable providers we have plans suitable for both cremation as well as burial depending upon which route you’d like to take. The best part is we offer a fee free service to help you narrow down your options so that you could make your own informed decision. Call us now at 02036673339 for a free consultation.

best prepaid funeral plans uk

Make Arrangements Today For a Hassle Free Tomorrow

The last thing your loved ones would want when having to deal with bereavement is to go through the hassle of getting a claim from an insurance company so they could pay for your funeral especially when they don’t have enough cash on them.

This is where a funeral plan is different. For starters, the companies we work with have been around for eons and offer a 24 hours service and are just a phone call away when the time comes.

So your family doesn’t need to go through any hassles of claiming any money; no one needs to be paid as long as the funeral plan is paid for in full. The Co. takes care of everything.

Why Choose Us:

One of the biggest incentives you get with us is that we work with 100s of funeral directors nationally so your local director should be on our panel too. These directors that we work with conform to the NFFD’s (National Federation of Funeral Directors) core principle – that it is perfectly possible to conduct funerals profitably, but without charging customers extortionate fees – and without negatively impacting on the standard of service, and quality of care provided. Here’s a quick lowdown on what we offer:

  1. Guaranteed acceptance
  2. Wide range of plans to choose from, depending upon your particular budget
  3. 24-hour collection of deceased
  4. Biggest contribution towards disbursements even with a relatively cheaper plan as compared to others
  5. Unbiased advice with regards to different products available in the market
  6. Tailor made plans as per your preference
  7. Care of the deceased prior to the service
  8. We work with your local directors so you could choose the one you like but for a better price


Which plan is most suitable to my needs and still within my budget?

We’d let you know what each plan entails and would go through a small questionnaire to ascertain which plan would suit your needs the best. Besides, we understand that each individual is different hence we offer a unique service wherein we let you customise your own plan. This allows you to tweak the plan of your choice to include what you need and exclude what you don’t to keep it close to what you want and yet within your budget.

What if you don’t offer a particular service which others are able to offer as I only want the best funeral plan available in the market?

We offer a broad spectrum of plans and there is nothing that we can’t include in our plans as long as it’s available & is being offered by other funeral directors or funeral planning companies. So not only can we match what’s available out there but we would offer the same service for a better price.

Can I Save Enough To Pay for My Funerals?

Of course you can. But the question is, if you were going to pass away 20 years from now & the cost of funerals at the time was £20000, you could either have a shortfall in your savings or you could potentially lose all or most of your savings. That money can easily go to your loved ones if only you pay a little towards a funeral plan now. The cost of prepaid funeral plans can range from £1500 to about £4500, depending upon the plan.  So the question here is why would you want to pay any more than what you should pay, let alone thousands of pounds more?

Is Insurance Better Than a Funeral Plan?

It depends on various factors with your age & health being right there at the top. So usually, an insurance policy that’s taken out to cover your funeral expenses is also promoted aggressively in the market as an over 50s plan. It is a guaranteed acceptance plan that guarantees to pay out a set fee to your loved ones when you pass away. You should consider the following before you decide which of the two would be a better choice for you:

  1. With an over 50s plan, you need to pay a monthly fee until the end of your life or to your 90th birthday (whichever comes first) whereas with the most popular funeral plans available in the market, you only have to pay it for a maximum of 10 years unless you wanted to pre-pay it sooner.
  2. Surprisingly, you sometimes end up paying more in to the insurance policy than the amount you’re covered for but with regards to a funeral plan, you can never pay them more than what they’d give to you in return.
  3. There’s no guarantee that your life insurance policy will pay off the entire funeral expenses when you die but a funeral plan guarantees to cover the entire funeral costs, regardless of what they are at the time when it’s needed.

Our advisers are well qualified to guide you in the right direction with regards to choosing the right plan for you. Please fill out the form on this page with your basic details & one of our friendly advisers will contact you shortly alternatively just call us on 02036673339 and we’ll help you choose your plan.

I would rather go for companies offering prepaid funeral plans near me.

We use companies and funeral directors that are local to you so not only do you know them for having been around for a while, you also get to pay less for the same service because of the way we’ve set it all up. Besides, you also get our guarantee that they can’t charge you anymore than what you’d have paid us already and that there won’t be any last minute negotiations. The most important thing to remember here is that we choose directors who conform to the NFFD’s (National Federation of Funeral Directors) core principle which in short means that even though the funeral plan would be affordable, it would have no negative impact on the standard and quality of service.

I am looking for simple and affordable funeral plans, so don’t want to go with any big companies. 

Choosing a plan with a big company doesn’t necessarily mean it would be more expensive than what a local director might charge you. On the contrary, the bigger the Co. the better it is for you because A.) they are heavily regulated by the authorities, B.) they are constantly under the radar not just of the law but also of the general public i.e. their reputation is at stake and one negative review on social media platforms about their services can cost them millions. Another big reason why you should prefer a bigger company over a smaller or a local one is because they turn over millions each year in business & because they buy services in bulk they get unimaginable prices, hence they work out cheaper as compared to the smaller ones. So to conclude, with bigger companies not only do you have access to the best prepaid funeral plans you also get the cheapest prepaid funeral plans in UK.