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Direct Cremation Plans

Direct cremation as the name suggests is an unattended cremation or a cremation without service or ceremony. So if it’s a simple cremation you’re after, a direct cremation plan is your best bet. It’s purely meant for those who’re either not willing to spend too much, those who don’t prefer to have a fancy farewell, who don’t really have close family, or those who genuinely don’t have enough to spend towards their funeral.

The best part is, there’s a massive saving you can have going for a direct cremation plan as compared to the traditional cremation.

There’re a number of funeral planning companies & even a few funeral directors in the UK that are aggressively marketing their direct cremation plan. Hence the biggest challenge you have as a customer today is to find not only the cheapest plan but also the company that you can trust for a hassle free process.

Cremation Plan

Why Choose Us:

One of the biggest incentives you get with us is that we work with 100s of funeral directors nationally so your local director should be on our panel too. These directors that we work with conform to the NFFD’s (National Federation of Funeral Directors) core principle – that it is perfectly possible to conduct funerals profitably, but without charging customers extortionate fees – and without negatively impacting on the standard of service, and quality of care provided.

We have a variety of cremation plan to choose from, each one designed to suit a certain section of people bearing in mind the fact that everyone has a different spending ability. So each plan is suitable for a particular set of requirements and budget and the best part is that with each of these plans, regardless of how much you’d have paid for it, the quality of service is yet never compromised.

We’re endorsed by the NFFD & for all of our customers we always try to assign their funerals to funeral directors who are members of the NFFD, unless they want a specific director who may or may not be a member of the NFFD.

Our prices are within reach of a far wider spectrum than a lot of other providers and the prices we offer are fixed with no extra or hidden charges.

With us, you can rest assured that your loved ones would get the best quality service right to the end.

You can get everything customised by giving us any special requests you may have with regards to things like the funeral flower arrangements, casket, coffin, hearse, urn for ashes, any special songs that you’d like played at the ceremony, etc.

For more information on the plans currently available, please contact us on 02036673339 or simply submit your information using the form on this page & one of our consultants will get in touch with you to walk you through the options available with us.