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Critical Illness Cover

A critical illness cover is becoming more & more important with each passing day bearing in mind our current unhealthy lifestyles, our stressful work schedules, etc. So the one thing which you should consider if your budget allows is a critical illness cover. You seriously need advice on this because:

  • Every provider has a different list of conditions they could cover
  • Different providers have different definitions for the same medical condition & they’re complicated to understand sometimes
  • These are expensive policies & you don’t want to be making a mistake when buying a critical illness cover

So talk to our expert for a free advice on what type of critical illness cover is best suited to your situation i.e. within your budget & lifestyle.

Your likelihood of getting critically ill or developing a serious condition for e.g. cancer, MS, stroke, heart attack, etc. is a lot higher than dying before the age of 75. That’s precisely the reason why a critical illness cover is about 5 – 6 times higher as compared to a simple life cover.

Critical Illness Cover


Protection against illnesses

This cover offers complete peace of mind knowing that if any such thing ever happens at least you have something to fall back upon. The money you get can be used for your treatment, paying off your bills, etc. till the time you’re off work.It is although extremely important to get proper advice with regards to which provider you should choose as all of them are different & offer different quality/ level of cover. For e.g. a particular provider offers you cover on 40 different conditions whereas another provider is able to cover over 100 conditions & you’d it find it funny that sometimes there’s not much difference in the price too. However once again, a Co. offering cover for more conditions as compared to another Co. may not always be better as there could be difference in the definitions.

We have a panel of fully qualified financial advisers who’re also regulated by the FCA i.e. they’re licensed to give advice on what’s best for you in your budget.

It’s a free service with no obligations on you at any given stage.

As a life insurance brokerage our job is to give you the most cost effective & right advice. Once you fill up the form below, we will get our financial adviser to work on your case so they’re ready with some options for you when they call you.